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Repairs & Upgrades

Simple Repairs and Upgrades involving basic components and a small amount of time, can extend the life of a PC and just 'keep things running' for a less than cost of a new machine.

When the machine involved is not very old, any components needed are likely to be standard and reasonably priced.

Where the machine is older, its also worth bearing in mind that current machines will be a generation or more further forward in terms of speed, capacity and operating system.  Because of this, unfortunately, there is much less 'value for money' in replacing or adding parts to an older machine.

It can still be done, and sometimes has to be, for instance, when the machine is running legacy  software that cannot be moved, or is too expensive to upgrade to a version that runs current machines.

Many 'repairs' just require software to be re-configured, or re-installed to get a system working properly.  A machine can be brought back to its original performance by backing up any data, and running a factory restore or re-installing from the original DVD or System Backup - if they are available.  After this, the system needs bringing back up to date with system updates, Anti Virus and any other programs re-installing.

As any backup/restore and system updates can often take a while to process, this kind of work is often cheaper performed pre-arranged off-site for a 'fixed fee' rather than on-site at an hourly rate.


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