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Green PCs

Green PCs From Online Computers are Low Power computers (by todays standards) that are powerful enough for most web browsing and document processing, but not for advanced game play or media editing.

In other words, suitable for the bulk of what many medium & high end PCs end up doing.

The processor these machines are based around comes from  the same family that powered the first 'net book' and 'net top' machines, however, these feature a more recent Dual Core version with Hyper Threading that presents what is effectively 4 processor cores with a low power requirement.

The result, is a small form PC, passively cooled, that runs quietly - the only moving parts are a small PSU fan, the Hard Drive and DVD (if fitted), that draws about 34W (as measured by a domestic power meter).

In today's energy concious world, the lower running costs can make a difference, as can the reduced heat and sound output when used in a small office space.

If the size of the PC is unimportant, cost can be reduced slightly by specifying a standard sized case.

Built to order, these machines can be fitted with 2 or 4Gb Ram and a 160Gb or larger Hard drives, optional DVD Writer and choice of operating System with on site installation and or transfer of data from an existing machine.

It is often also possible to use the processor board as the basis for an upgrade to an existing machine, providing it uses the more recent SATA connected Hard Drive and CD/DVD.

Online Computers only supply fully built machines or upgrades to local customers as part of a service, please phone or email  for more information and a quote.

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